Melt Away

Happy Friday! Doesn’t Friday feel different over the summer? Like, the possibilities are endless?  That’s how I feel.  The sun shines brighter (well, of course) and the birds are chirping (I take that back, the only birds I’ve seen in the city are pigeons. yuck.) and the world just seems like a happier place.  But in case you are feeling something different today, like for example, hung-over, then boy do I have a cure for you.

After you take Advil and drink a full bottle of water, it’s time to start thinking about putting some greasy food in that tummy of yours.  Too greasy and you’ll be sick, not greasy enough and you’ll still be hung-over, but just greasy enough to get the job done.  This Bite-Sized Blonde moonlights as Goldilocks on the side, minus the porridge.

The Melt Shop is just the perfect amount of greasy and the most delicious way to get out from under a hangover.  Located in Midtown, the Melt Shop serves up all different kinds of grilled cheese.  They offer nine different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches, including the classic, for the kid in all of us, and more sophisticated options for a mature palette.   They have sides, snacks and sweets to go with every sandwich, including tomato soup and milkshakes!

On a recent visit, I tried the Three Cheese Melt.  Fontina, Gruyere and goat cheese are combined with roasted tomatoes on top of sourdough bread.  The cheeses blend so well together and the roasted tomatoes bring an element of sweetness to the sandwich.  You can taste every ingredient in this sandwich, down to the salty butter on the bread.  I also tried the Provolone with Salami grilled cheese.  Pickled peppers that are anything but mild accent the salty salami and provolone.  The touch of heat from the peppers compliments the salami so nicely.  This sandwich wouldn’t be what it is without the rye bread.  You can taste the caraway seeds in every bite.  It is such a well-rounded sandwich.   The tater tots are also delicious.  Crunchy on the outside, yet soft on the inside; they are served with a side of Melt Sauce, which is some sort of spicy mayo.  I am still racking my brain to figure out what they put in that container of deliciousness.

The Melt Shop
601 Lexington Ave.  (53rd Street)
New York, NY

2 responses to “Melt Away

  1. Alyssa, You have to know that I am addicted to Bite-Sized Banter. I am very impressed with the way you write and all of your excellent reviews. It is creative and exciting, and makes me smile with every word. Great job!
    All the best, Louise
    P.S.-I am definately hitting up The Melt Shop this afternoon…I am drooling!!!

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