A Little Something Eggstra

Before the summer started, and bikini season was in full force, I was the Sweatheart of Breakfast Sammies…not to be confused with the Breakfast Sammies Sweatheart.  This Bite-Sized Blonde does not fancy Ron Ron, although I am excited for the start of another wild season of the Jersey Shore.  But that’s neither here nor there.

What’s really important here is breakfast, ya know, the meal that dictates your day, maps out your morning, and amplifies your am.  Of course, I am still enjoying the Sweet Breakfast Quinoa and not just because it’s summer.  I have been eating it several times a week, most often for breakfast, but sometimes as a sweet mid-afternoon snack.  What can I say? I am a creature of habit.  But just in case you are looking for a little something to switch up your morning mix, I have another breakfast recipe that is great on the go and good for your gut.

Egg salad is easy and portable.  Since eggs are protein, it’s filling, and it really is a great accompaniment to the king of all carbohydrates, the bagel.  If yolks aren’t your thing, because they aren’t eggsactly mine, wink wink, I have a delicious egg white salad for you.

You can add it to toast, if your heart and belly so desire.  But the toast is truly optional here, as I’ve made sure to include some belly-friendly carbs by adding quinoa.

1 dozen eggs, hardboiled
1 bunch of scallions, chopped
1 handful of spinach, chiffonade*
½ cup quinoa, cooked
½ tbs. mustard
1.5 tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Remove the yolk and chop the egg whites to your desired consistency.  Add the scallions, white and light green parts only.  Add the spinach.  *Chiffonade means to cut into thin, long strips. To chiffonade the spinach, stack the leaves and then roll them tightly. Then, cut across the rolled leaves with a sharp knife to produce long ribbons.  Add the quinoa.  In a small bowl, mix together the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mustard.  Pour over the egg salad and toss to combine.

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