Bite-Sized Banter & Wollensky

If you happen to work or live in midtown Manhattan, you might have noticed that Smith & Wollensky has been looking a little different these days.  How different? Well for starters, the all-important Smith is no longer there.  As part of a pretty clever ad campaign, Smith & Wollenksy is replacing the “Smith” in exchange for a loyal customer’s name.  The campaign started on October 3 and will run through the end of the month.  All you have to do is make a reservation, and hope your name gets picked. 

Each day, a lucky, loyal customer gets chosen to have their name put up outside the restaurant – on the building and awning.  This witty campaign goes all the way…waiter’s jackets are also being changed with the new name, and don’t forget about the napkins and matchbooks!

The though process behind this unusual campaign?  If your name is on restaurant, it becomes yours, and then you are a customer for life.  Now that’s some serious loyalty.  I’ll hand it to them, I was even thinking about making a reservation.  Although Smith & Wollensky isn’t my steakhouse of choice,  I would love to see Bite-Sized Banter & Wollenksy in big letters on 3rd Ave.

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