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Bah Groundhog

Aright it’s officially unofficial.  The Pennsylvania groundhog says we have 6 more weeks of winter ahead of us and the Staten Island groundhog says spring is on its way.  That’s about as straight forward as vegetarian meatballs.  Bah humbug  groundhog.

Whether the weather will need to be weathered, or spring is springing up early, I’ve got a recipe for you.  Schnitzel, otherwise known as Chicken Cutlets for those of you who didn’t just get back from Israel, is one of those seriously easy but wildly pleasing meals.  There are a handful of ingredients, which make shopping for this dish a cinch.  Plus, prep is super simple and unless you have a proficiency to burn things, you got this in the bag!

2 large eggs
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 cup of bread crumbs
½ cup of grated parmesan cheese
1 pound of thin chicken breast, pounded
Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Optional: Magic Sauce

To make schnitzel, you are going to want to make a work station! A little chicken assembly line of sorts! Set up two bowls, one for the dry ingredients and one for the wet ingredients.  In the bowl for dry ingredients, combine the bread crumbs and parmesan cheese.  In a separate bowl for wet ingredients, combine the eggs, garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper and beat to combine.*

Dip each cutlet into the egg mixture, making sure to coat completely.  Then, place the cutlet in the dry ingredients and pat the breadcrumbs onto the cutlet until it’s completed coated.   Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a skillet over medium – high heat.  Once the oil is hot, add 2 cutlets a time and cook until golden brown.  This should take about 3 minutes on each side, depending on how thin the cutlets are.  Once they are cooked, transfer the cutlets to a baking sheet and place in a warm oven, roughly 250 degrees, until you are ready to serve them.

You can serve them as is, or with Magic Sauce on the side! Enjoy!

*This is a great use for magic sauce! Add a little to the egg mixture to coat your cutlets!

Where the Magic Happens

In true MTV cribs fashion, I’m going to let you in on where the magic happens…But not that kind of magic.  After all, a Bite-Sized lady doesn’t kiss and tell…My kind of magic is made in the kitchen.  And magic, is exactly what’s on the menu today.  Magic Sauce get its name because, well it’s really magical.  It has the ability to transform something boring into some seriously divine.  Think Fairy Godmother, but edible.  One day you’re Cinderella, the next day you are a princess.  And by you, I mean your food.

This sauce is great for dipping, think crunchy bread.  It’s also great for eggs, potatoes, shellfish, chicken, steak and vegetables.  Really, it’s good for anything and everything.  Which is why it’s magical.  The recipe makes about ½ a cup of Magic Sauce.  But the way I use it, and the way you are sure to use it, it’s best to double the recipe right away.  The sauce, like a fine wine, also gets better with age.  So, make a batch, or two, and let the magic happen.

Magic Sauce
½ cup of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 teaspoon fresh rosemary leaves
1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves
1 teaspoon fresh oregano leaves
2 teaspoons sweet paprika
2 medium cloves of garlic, smashed into a paste
1 well-crumbled bay leaf
pinch of red pepper flakes
¼  teaspoon + fine grain sea salt
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Gently warm the olive oil over medium-low heat in a skillet or pan, until it is just hot. When hot remove from heat.

While the oil is heating, lightly pound the rosemary, thyme, and oregano in a mortar and pestle.  If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can chop all of the ingredients together.

Stir the paprika, garlic, bay leaf, red pepper flakes, and salt into the oil. Then add the bruised herbs and lemon juice.

You can use this now, but know – the oil just gets better as it ages over a few days. Keep it in a refrigerator for up to a week/ten days-ish. It thickens up when cold, so if you need it in a liquid state, place it in the sun or in a warm place for a few minutes.

Recipe from: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/magic-sauce-recipe.html

101cookbooks.com is a great collection of recipes and beautiful food photography.   If you are ever looking for inspiration, make sure to visit this site!

A Little Taste of Tokyo

When you think about going out for Japanese food, you think about sushi, right? Maybe hibachi, but usually not.  Did you know there is another kind of Japanese restaurant altogether?  No, it’s not a hybrid, like a maltipoo.  It’s an entirely different breed.  Yakitori literally means grilled bird in Japanese.  So, a Yakitori restaurant is, you guessed it, place to get several courses of grilled chicken on skewers. Yakitori restaurants can be found all over Japan, or so I’m told.  This Bite-Sized Blonde hasn’t been to Japan yet…one day, one day.   Until then, I’ll just travel a few blocks north to have a little taste of Tokyo.

Yakitori Tori Shin is located on the Upper East Side.  Tori Shin means true chicken.  The restaurant was so named because of their mission to promote the most authentic Tokyo style yakitori experience with the highest quality ingredients.  The restaurant cooks organic chicken on charcoal grills for a unique flavor.  This small restaurant offers 40 different chicken skewers, and lots of veggies too.  For the timid diner, Tori Shin offers “regular” skewers of breast meat and wings.  But, for those a little more adventurous, they offer gizzards, hearts, and livers!  I have a few adventurous bones in my body, so I decided to go with the Omakase, otherwise known as the Chef’s Choice!  The omakase came with pickled vegetables, grated daikon, 6 kinds of meat, 2 kinds of vegetables, a rice dish and dessert.

We started with edamame.  Nothing like a little taste of the familiar to calm your nerves.  The edamame was kept on the branch, which makes for a beautiful presentation.  It is prepared on the grill so it absorbs the smoky flavor. These edadmame were awesome!

The Shitake Mushrooms were delicious, as they always are.  They have a very distinct, woodsy flavor.

The Corn was so sweet.  I love grilled corn.  Other than my corn salad, it is my favorite way to prepare corn.  This did not disappoint!

The Shishitou Peppers rocked.  These tiny peppers are usually mild, but every now and again, you will get a hot one.  The anticipation will drive you wild, and you know how this BSB likes to be kept on her toes.

The Chicken with Scallion skewers were one of my favorites.  The grilled scallions take on a sweet note, and the chicken is smoky from the grill.

The Quail Eggs were so unusual.   Not because they are quail.  Quail eggs taste just like chicken eggs.  But because they were grilled in their shells, they absorb that great charcoal flavor.  These are a must-order!

Neck.  I know what you are thinking.  No way Jose.  But, I have to tell you, it was mighty fine.  The neck tastes like any other part of the chicken.  If you don’t know it’s neck, you would never guess it.  Ignorance is bliss people! Ignorance is bliss.

The Dark Breast Meat was good.  It tasted like many of the rest of the dishes.  Because there were so many interesting dishes to try, this may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

The Meatballs were tender, the wings were flavorful, and the zucchini was sweet and mild.  It’s all about the grill at Tori Shin and they really know how to use it.

The Special rice dish is something I could have lived without.  Not only was I full by the time we got this, but it was soupy.

The extensive Sake list should be noted.  Not a sake expert? Don’t worry, they are at Tori Shin.  Another noteworth attribute: most of the seating is at the chef’s counter, so you get to see a show while you eat! You know how much this BSB loves that.

Need a little more vacation time this summer?  Head up to Yakitori Tori Shin for a little taste of Tokyo. It’s a vacation for your belly!

Yakitori Tori Shin
1193 First Ave
New York, NY

Mother Shucker

My favorite summer activities include going to the beach, rollerblading and shucking corn.  Yes, I just said shucking corn.  You know why? Because summer corn is the sweetest and cause I find it relaxing.  What can I say? I’m a quirky chick. But I also love shucking corn because I make a damn good Summer Corn Salad, and I would NEVER use anything but the sweetest, freshest corn for this refreshing salad. By the way, I am a terrible rollerblader.  Watch out now.

I could eat a big bowl of this salad all by itself, and, in fact I usually do.  But, it’s really more of a side-dish, like a great accessory.  It is the cognac colored wedges to any summer outfit.  Although this Bite-Sized Blonde likes to walk around in shoes, and only shoes, sometimes an outfit is not only necessary but desired. Queue the main dish…Chicken Paillard.  So, here’s to a well-rounded meal in a well-rounded outfit.

Chicken Paillard and Summer Corn Salad (serves 4)

Summer Corn Salad
6 ears of corn
6 oz. Baby heirloom tomatoes
2 Shallots
4 oz. Feta Cheese
3 tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tbs. Rice Wine Vinegar
Freshly ground black pepper

To make the summer corn salad, shuck the corns! Add the corn to a pot of bowling water.  Cook for approximately 7 minutes, or until the color of the corn brightens.  Remove from the boiling water and add to an ice bath to chill.  This will stop the cooking process so the corn doesn’t overcook.  Remove from the ice bath after 1 minute.  Cut the kernels off and add them to a large bowl.  Cut the tomatoes depending on size.  If they are big, you may want to cut them in quarters.  Add the tomatoes to the bowl of corn.  Mince the shallots and add them to the bowl as well.  Crumble the feta cheese and sprinkle on top of the salad.  Toss with the extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar.  Season with pepper. Set in refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes.  Garnish with basil before serving.

Chicken Paillard
4 thinly sliced chicken breasts
All purpose flour
1½ tbs. butter
1½ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rinse the chicken and pat it dry.  Season with salt and pepper, and then dust with flour to coat lightly.  Make sure there is no excess flour!! Melt butter with oil in a medium skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the chicken to skillet and sauté until cooked through, about 5 minutes per side.  Transfer to a plate.

Once the salad is chilled, add it to the Chicken Paillard to a sweet and healthy summer meal.

The Simple Things in Life

Everyone needs a partner in crime, PIC for short, and mine just happens to be an artist extraordinaire.  This talented, tall drink of water created my logo.  And now her work is reappearing on my blog, but this time in the form of a post! So, without further ado, I present to you, the one and only ‘Simple Palette’. 

By: The Simple Palette

How many of you have visited a Shopping Mall and made “The Food Court Rounds”? Yes, I’m talking about circling the food court once, twice, maybe even three times and taking a toothpick sample from each food station and filling your stomachs up, scoring some free lunch. I won’t deny it; I’ve done it a couple of times and have been left satisfied. The eclectic array of choices in a food court, I believe, is the ultimate buffet. It allows you to satisfy all your cravings within one sitting (or in this case, standing).
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy going out for a fine meal and lucky for me, 99.8% of the time I am graced with the company of the most passionate food connoisseur I know, the princess of food herself, the Bite-Sized Blonde. (I even try and bring her on dates, but for some reason she thinks the dude wants to be alone with me and wouldn’t want my best friend there?? The more the merrier, no?). This Simple Palette has a different approach to food. Couch. Beer. Bowl of Cereal (currently, Honey Nut Chex) Baseball Game. Just thinking about that dining experience gives me chills. A tiny plate, with one piece of slimy black fish, 3 baby carrots and fancy shmancy rice on the side… hmm, not exactly my ideal meal. My meals always come with a KISS… Keep-It-Simple-Stupid!
Allow me to get back to the point of my guest blog post… the place that I have been visiting in the food court ever since I was a little Simple Palette, the place that makes me salivate when thinking about lunch, is the one, the only… “Ragin’ Cajun”! I mean seriously, how can someone NOT love this place? You can find it in all food courts, Roosevelt Field, Syracuse, Hamptons…And on many occasions, I’ve even gotten the Bite-Sized Blonde (hesitant to admit her admiration of course) to indulge in a small plate with chicken, rice and one side. Chicken being none other than Bourbon Chicken, and the side obviously being String Beans. (If you want to make the move to two sides, I suggest the corn.) Disclaimer: due to the shortage of string beans being grown in the Hamptons, corn was opted to stand alone as the vegetable alternate.   Oh! And don’t forget to ask for extra sauce on the white rice… this is really the key to pulling this delectable dish together! No special herbs used that an ordinary person wouldn’t recognize, no eyes or tentacles left on the plate, and just enough food to fill you up… who wouldn’t be satisfied?! Call me naive if you like, but this Simple Palette knows what she likes and sticks to it!
As I, the Simple Palette sign off, I leave you with this…Don’t judge food by its
store front and/or chef but to keep an open mind to all, or should I say, mall food… and to always, Stay Simple!
PS. Go grab yourself a strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles for dessert… chances are there will DEFINITELY be a Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner!

Raising the Bar – Be – Que

The best and worst thing about bar-be-que chicken is that you can easily buy a bar-be-que sauce at the grocery store.  It makes life easier; that’s for sure.  And a delicious bar-be-que sauce does make for delicious bar-be-que chicken.  But sometimes the sauce you consider a basic just becomes plane old boring.

This Bite-Sized Blonde has been wanting to make bar-be-que sauce for a long time now.  While I’ve always wanted to make bar-be-que sauce, all the recipes I have found are overwhelmingly long.  All but one I should say.  After seeing Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe for peach bar-be-que sauce in Bon Appétit magazine, I knew I was finally going to be able to make my own sauce! That’s right, Gwyneth Paltrow, mom of two, is not only a phenomenal actress and singer, she is also a cookbook author.  Now that’s what I call a triple threat.

Her recipe for bar-be-que sauce is accessible; there are only a handful of ingredients and it takes about 15 minutes.   It’s so simple but tastes so complex; your guests will think you’re a culinary genius!

Grilled Chicken with Peach BBQ Sauce (4 servings)

1 cup of chopped peeled fresh peaches
½ cup ketchup
2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp. soy sauce
Kosher salt
Fresh ground black pepper
4 skinless, boneless organic chicken breasts
Vegetable oil

Combine the peaches, ketchup, lemon juice, garlic and soy sauce in a small saucepan.  Season lightly with salt and pepper and bring to a boil over high heat.  Reduce heat to low; simmer until peaches are very soft and the flavors meld.  This should take about 10 minutes.  Remove the pan from the heat and let the sauce cool for about 10 minutes.  Once the sauce has cooled, pour the peach mixture into a blender and puree until the mixture is smooth.  Season the sauce to taste with salt and pepper.  Let the sauce cool in the refrigerator for about an hour.  Then, use half the sauce to marinate the chicken for at least 30 minutes, but up to 8 hours.  The longer, the better.  Prepare the grill to a medium-high heat.  Brush the grill rack with the vegetable oil so that the chicken doesn’t stick.   Place the chicken on the grill and brush the side up with sauce.  Grill the chicken for about 6 minutes and then flip and brush again with the remaining sauce.  If there is leftover sauce, serve it alongside the chicken.