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The Simple Things in Life

Everyone needs a partner in crime, PIC for short, and mine just happens to be an artist extraordinaire.  This talented, tall drink of water created my logo.  And now her work is reappearing on my blog, but this time in the form of a post! So, without further ado, I present to you, the one and only ‘Simple Palette’. 

By: The Simple Palette

How many of you have visited a Shopping Mall and made “The Food Court Rounds”? Yes, I’m talking about circling the food court once, twice, maybe even three times and taking a toothpick sample from each food station and filling your stomachs up, scoring some free lunch. I won’t deny it; I’ve done it a couple of times and have been left satisfied. The eclectic array of choices in a food court, I believe, is the ultimate buffet. It allows you to satisfy all your cravings within one sitting (or in this case, standing).
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy going out for a fine meal and lucky for me, 99.8% of the time I am graced with the company of the most passionate food connoisseur I know, the princess of food herself, the Bite-Sized Blonde. (I even try and bring her on dates, but for some reason she thinks the dude wants to be alone with me and wouldn’t want my best friend there?? The more the merrier, no?). This Simple Palette has a different approach to food. Couch. Beer. Bowl of Cereal (currently, Honey Nut Chex) Baseball Game. Just thinking about that dining experience gives me chills. A tiny plate, with one piece of slimy black fish, 3 baby carrots and fancy shmancy rice on the side… hmm, not exactly my ideal meal. My meals always come with a KISS… Keep-It-Simple-Stupid!
Allow me to get back to the point of my guest blog post… the place that I have been visiting in the food court ever since I was a little Simple Palette, the place that makes me salivate when thinking about lunch, is the one, the only… “Ragin’ Cajun”! I mean seriously, how can someone NOT love this place? You can find it in all food courts, Roosevelt Field, Syracuse, Hamptons…And on many occasions, I’ve even gotten the Bite-Sized Blonde (hesitant to admit her admiration of course) to indulge in a small plate with chicken, rice and one side. Chicken being none other than Bourbon Chicken, and the side obviously being String Beans. (If you want to make the move to two sides, I suggest the corn.) Disclaimer: due to the shortage of string beans being grown in the Hamptons, corn was opted to stand alone as the vegetable alternate.   Oh! And don’t forget to ask for extra sauce on the white rice… this is really the key to pulling this delectable dish together! No special herbs used that an ordinary person wouldn’t recognize, no eyes or tentacles left on the plate, and just enough food to fill you up… who wouldn’t be satisfied?! Call me naive if you like, but this Simple Palette knows what she likes and sticks to it!
As I, the Simple Palette sign off, I leave you with this…Don’t judge food by its
store front and/or chef but to keep an open mind to all, or should I say, mall food… and to always, Stay Simple!
PS. Go grab yourself a strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles for dessert… chances are there will DEFINITELY be a Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner!