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If You Wanna Be My Lobster

We all have our little litmus tests, ya know, to see if someone is worth the time and effort.   And mine just happens to be a family tradition.  You want to date one of us?  It’s rather simple.  To be my lobster, you have to eat a lobster.  And not just eat it, I mean really eat it.  If you can’t destroy a lobster, the future our relationship is questionable.  Is this shallow? No, it’s actually the opposite.  Eating lobster is about three things that are anything but shallow…hard work, pride and happiness.

Eating a lobster is totally hard work.  Sure, you can order a lobster out of the shell, but that’s just lazy.  The real way to eat a lobster is to have it served as its cooked and crack that shell one claw at a time.  Eating a lobster is seriously messy, if you eat it correctly.  And you have to be confident to get food all over your face when you eat.  Now, that’s the kind of pride I’m talking about.  And obviously this leads to happiness because delicious is a synonym for happy, or at least it is in my dictionary.

So where’s my favorite place to eat a lobster?  If you thought I was going to say Centro Vasco, think again.  I have another place up my sleeve that isn’t totally obvious.  Malaga is a small Spanish restaurant on the Upper East Side with great lobster and an unassuming atmosphere.  You know this is a place you can get a little messy.  Whether it’s broiled or steamed, this lobster is out of this world! Or should I say lobsters. Why order one when you can order two? That’s right, this Bite-Sized Blonde orders two lobsters, 1 ¼ pounds each, and I eat each and every morsel.  The lobster is always perfectly cooked, resulting in sweet and succulent meat.  Now that’s what I’m talking about it.

The lobster also comes with a salad covered in homemade house dressing, critical to the Malaga experience.  And you can’t forget the sides.  My choice, of course, is the homemade potato chips and broccoli in garlic.  Seriously yummy accessories to a great meal.

Speaking of accessories, lobster and sangria go hand in hand.  I mean, is there even another beverage option when it comes to eating lobster other than sangria? I don’t think so.  Malaga makes sweet sangria.  They also have live music on Sundays from 6:30 – 9:30.  Does it really get any better than this?

406 East 73 Street (1st Ave)
New York, NY